Exhibition material:
The Helios Gómez Cultural Association (H.G.C.A) has a collection of a hundred digital and photographic enlargements (80 x 50 cm, with support) of black and white drawings by Helios Gómez on the following topics: local customs, portraits, several drawings of politicians, folders of political drawings (Days of Wrath, Spanish Revolution and Viva October); a biographical DVD of the artist and different documentation which can be exposed in display cases.
This material is available to any cultural institutions that may be interested. Contact us to specify the conditions of exposure.

Types of graphic and plastic works:

Collection of drawings

  Dias de ira
Internationale Arbeiter-Assoziation Berlín, 1930
Front page 33x24 cm.
Inside pages
32,7x23,8 cm.
Revolución española
25,7 x 17,5 cm.
Viva Octubre
dessins sur la Revolution

Brussels, 1935
Front page 27,5 x 24,2
Inside pages
27,3 x 23,9
Periodical publications
Barcelona Gráfica,
Barcelona 1930
Somni, L'Hora,
Setmanari d'avançada
Barcelona 1931
Portada 44,6 x 31,6
Sant Jordi,
La Rambla,
Barcelona 24/4/1930
Helios Gómez


Horrores de la guerra
ACHG-p 59

  .Panait Istrati,
Los cardos del Baragán,
Barcelona 1928
Front page 19x12,5 cm.
Miquel Matveev,
La revolució Russa
de 1905,
Barcelona 1930
Front page 19,5x14 cm.

Pedro Nenni,
Seis años de guerra
civil en Italia,
B. Bauza,
Barcelona 1931
Front page 39x25,7 cm

Barcelona 1930
106 x 66 cm.
Las Noticias
Barcelona 1936
106 x 66 cm.
26 Divisió
Homenatge a Durruti
Barcelona 1938
47 x 27 cm.
Paintings Frescos
  Evacuación, 1937
öleo sobre lienzo
159,5 x 122 cm.
Held at MNAC
  Capilla Gitana
  Barcelona 1950
Prison Modelo,
oil on plaster (detail)
2400x1100 cm.

A Mural in Granollers:
From the 28th of October to the 12th of December 1999 the cultural department of the Town Hall of Granollers organized an art exhibition in different public spaces of the city under the title of Musica per Camaleons Incívics (Music for Antisocial Chameleons). During this period, within the Museum of Granollers they showed videos from the television program Musica per Camaleons (music for Chameleons) broadcasted previously by channel 33 of TV3, amongst which, under the title of Días de tinta y pólvora (Days of ink and Gunpowder), was a synthesis of the work of Helios Gomez in which his son Gabriel recounted some aspects of his life. For this event, Ricard Geladó carried out a composition with the drawings contained in the folder, Days of Wrath by Helios. The mural, on 24 x 6 metre sheets of aluminium, was exposed on a platform wall of the railway station.

Our Association has donated this work to the city of Granollers.


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